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Disaster Fraud

Coloradoans face many natural disasters and weather emergencies each year including wildfires, tornadoes, hail storms, snowstorms, and even flooding.  Natural disasters give scam artists unique opportunities to take advantage of those affected and even those wanting to help others. 

Some fraudsters are unlicensed contractors who enter the affected area with promises to finish repairs quickly and at great prices.  Other scammers commit identity theft by stealing personal information from those trying to rebuild their lives.  The reach of scammers isn't limited to those in the affected area either.  Fraudsters pose as charities soliciting donations under the guise it will help those in need.  The following information is intended to help keep you safe from fraud when a natural disaster is involved.

Donating to Charity? Fake Disaster Officials Flood-Related Schemes Paying Your Mortgage Public Adjusters Reputable Contractor? Report Fraud

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